Sunday, 28 February 2010

3 more new cards?!! i'm on a roll!

Hi there. hope you've had a good weekend and are making the most of your sunday night.
I'd like to say a huge, ginormous thank to Bonnie for designing my blogwear, just for me! and for even putting it all on and setting it up as i had no idea how to. so thank you so much my dear friend. i love you loads!
i've just adding this post then i'm off to tidy my 'workspace' - well, my dining room table!
Then i'm settling down in the lounge in front of the fire, to watch Dancing On Ice. (c'mon Gary!!)
and then Lark Rise to Candleford my favorite programme at the moment.
So... i thought i'd show you the cards i made today. I've a few anniversaries coming up, so i thought i'd better get started on my plan to not forget any this year.
                     So this is the first one i made tonight, i did feel it's lacking a certain something, but i'll leave it as its nice to have a selection for different tastes!
This next one is based on an ATC i made (see below on ATC's)
This one took ages to photograph right as the lighting in my house is terribly dim, so i ended up in the brightest room (bathroom), this is as close to the true colour i can get, its a sage green card, with pretty pastel green paper, and lavender paper and coloured roses. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, it was not my original design or idea, i changed it halfway through! it goes like that sometimes! i haven't put a sentiment on it as i couldn't decide if it should be a thank you card, or get well soon.
What do you think it should be?

Saturday, 27 February 2010

New card!

I made a new card today, although i wanted to make more than one but hubby was getting annoyed at the mess i was making and we've got friends visiting tonight! So frustrating to have the making bug and not be able to do anything!!
Anyway, so i got my inspiration from a card Bonnie made click here to see her's and she got the idea from Cindy Lee's design! So thank you to cindy for the inspiring design!
so here it it is...
what do ya think?

Friday, 26 February 2010

Hello there, and welcome to my blog!
after looking at so many inspirational, crafting blogs, i thought it was high time i set up my own.
I like to do lots of differents crafts, sewing, cards, ATC's, knitting, and other paper crafts like scrapbooking. One of my favorite hobbies is photography. i have a flickr account i like to keep up-to-date. but its not enough to 'showcase' my crafting stuff.
please bear with me as i blunder my way through the blogging world, and leave a comment if you wish!


I really enjoy making cards and have made so many, these are just a few. But some of my best that i made and liked i never got round to taking a photo of! Drat! this first one is one of my favourites. I enjoed making it and aging it all. i really love all the vintage art, and use it alot, nt that i have much proof of that visually! but look out, more will come! I'm determined this year to remember all the anniversaries and make cards in advance for them all. Also i have two friends excepting babies very soon. I like to make cards personal and think about the person/people they are, the way i see them, their style etc and try and incorparate that in. this first card was for my sister's anniversary, and she & her husband met in Paris! and we have happy memories of larking about on the eiffel tower when we were there and made friends with her now-hubby and friend. and her lounge is a pale green! so i know it would match her decor too!!

the sunflower one was a thank you/miss you card to a friend who's my beauty therapist (when i have the money to treat myself!!) and she likes sunflowers, loves her garden and allotment, and is such a positive, sunshiney person...she absolutley loved the card! i'm glad to say.

i made this one for my mum-in-law, anda friend of hers liked it so much she wanted me to make one for her to give to her son & daughter in law for their 30th aniversary.

i made this as an engagement card for my sister in law, she liked it so much she asked me to design and make her wedding invitations based on this card.So i ended up making 180 cards like this!

These are some of the first cards i made, years ago. My hubby brought a rubber stamping card making kit, and i used little paper roses.. i still love to use paper roses in fact its almost becoming a trade mark!!

the one on the bottom, 2nd right, was an engagment card for a friend of my hubby's with we were all very surprised to hear was getting married, he'd been a confirmed batchleor for 20 years or so, anyway, i remember he had a fasination with knots and nautical stuff like that, had a frame up with all these different knots, so, i had the idea of making a 3 cord knot with string, and added inside, 'you're tying the knot'!! hahaha!!


i made my first ATC some years ago. i made 3, two of which are the last two pictures. then rest were all done fairly recently in October/November 09, when i took part in an ATC tutorial class with Bonnie .the third one is her design which we all had to copy, and the others are the results of the class. only two are not traded. but i really enjoyed the whole class and process. i think though the first one is my most favorite i've done

This one is still available to trade, its hand drawn

This one in still available to trade! hint hint!!

Scrapbook pages

I did realy get into this at one time and really wanted to do more - still do - but they take me so long too do! i find it easier working with smaller paper projects, like cards & ATC's. i have done a few more but never taken pictures of them, but i haven't made any since i had my second son in 2007

sewing projects

A sail boat i made for my boys' room made from scraps and inspired by a very overpriced, cheaply made version in a local shop! For once when i have said in a shop 'i could make that!' i actually did!!

a cute little bird from Tone Finnager's book, also my first attempt

an embroidered rose that i put on a grandma bolster cushion (my first attempt of embroidery)

a tote bag

this are just the things i've made that i have photo's of! I've also made another much better book bag for my friend, in theCath Kidston Rose pattern you can just see in the picture above.

i've made lots of curtains, a roman blind, cushions, a fitted sheet set and other things that i just can't call to mind right now!