Monday, 9 August 2010

hello! Did you miss me?!

Hello! Its been a while hasn't! I think this is the busiest school holiday we've ever had!! But we're all happy and that's what counts!
I thought that since my boys have their 11year old cousin over and they are quietly making paper planes, I thought I'd sneek online and make a post!

So first things first, again I'd like to thank Ruby 2 Shoes for helping me out with getting my Tiffany doodles digistamps. I don't know what was going on there, but I do believe I need to sort my pc out and de-junk it, empty the recycle box etc as it's sooooo painfully slow at the moment...another reason I have not been commenting and blogging of late, as it just takes too long!
But I digress, THANK YOU Ruby!
I finally got around to using them a few weeks ago, I really love the little mushroom house. I think it appeals to me because of one of my all time favorite childhood stories 'Tales of Toyland'
here's my book and some of the pictures from it,(please do not copy these pictures as the book is copyrighted by Dean & sons)
Its about a fairy-doll and a sailor-doll who run away to Toyland together, and they get married and set up home. They build an adorable little cottage and it always appealed to me, so small and cosy, homely but simple
I read it years ago to my step-daughter and then more recently to my boys, they all loved it!
Anyway, with my favourite story in mind I set to colouring in the mushroon house.
At first, I didn't think I'd be able to 'watercolour' it as the printer ink doesn't like water!
 I use Marvy le Plume double ended markers, which I normally scribble on an acrylic block, and colour the image with a damp paintbrush, and too my surprise if I was very careful, I could actually do it!
But I did struggle afterwards putting the card together! but I managed to make two over the course of a few days. I'm not overly pleased with the end results, neither of them turned out how I wanted. But then maybe I was thinking too much about it, trying to hard! haha! This is the first one
I tried to make it look like it was on a little hill like the illustration in the book!
I mounted the house with 3d foam so it stands out a bit.
And this is the second one
I wanted to use this as 'new home' cards, but I cannot find any stamps that say new home. I'm sure they are out there, but I've not come accross any in the stores I've looked in. Do you know where i can get some? (Please don't say Papertrey Ink, i might go into a tantrum! as we sadly can't get them here..on my budget!!)

I also made a very quick 'Get well' card this week, I was playing with my new guillotine! and the new Papermania paper pack I bought (Rose Garden). It's not perfect and incredibly 'CAS' (only just found out finally what that meant a few weeks ago! how sad am I?!!)
and then yesterday I was busy making and baking all afternoon in the kitchen, I finally got around to making some strawberry jam again (last years jam was just yummy-licious!) but this year I made my own little labels, very simply, used the cuttlebug and spellbinders label no.4 die, then stamped with waltzing mouse stamp and voila! a label!
I now need to make another batch as I've had requests for it!
 I gave my MIL a jar yesterday as it was their anniversary, and then everyone wanted some! here's a pix of the last jar!
I've just had some and again, its yummy-licious! just need to make some bread now! hmmmmm! I'm drooling already!
Right! that's it from me for now, the boys are desparate to run and play, so we're going to take a walk to the village park.
Have a good week!
Take Care