Monday, 6 February 2012

Hello friends,

This is the scene we were greeted with as we stepped outside this morning to begin the trudge to school!
my little son is up to his wellie boots in the snow! 

my back garden

down the lane

I love to look at the snow and see how beautiful and pure it looks but I certainly am not one of these who likes to go and play in it! Far too cold and wet!!
However, we went to my sister-in-laws yesterday, and all the menfolk bar one, all worked together to build a big igloo!! (Which was no surprise as in the summer when we went to the beach they all made a huge sand fort!! when they get together they get very creative/mischievous!)

Our main reason for all getting together was to see my new great niece, Sienna Rose who is 2 months old now! She is so sweet and diddy!!
Over the past weekend I set to making her some cute crocheted bits, I don't think I have coo'd and ahh'd so much over my crochet before!! I kept turning to hubby and saying 'awww look! its so cute!'

I happily hooked two hats and a pair of diddy little slippers!

The pattern I got from a Google search and found here. It was so easy to follow, (once I used a conversion table to work out the difference between U.K and U.S hooks and stitches.)
 I just love how they turned out.
I used a bamboo wool that I picked up ages ago from a discontinued bargain bin. I think its Sirdirs Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK. The little flower I made with Stylecraft Special DK that I had left over from my 'caravan granny squares blanket' 


This next hat I made with Sirdir Snuggly DK that i had left over from my youngest sons' blanket I made, its called 'Bluebell Mix' its so...well, Snuggly!!
I had fun making these little daisies and the butterfly, I got the instructions from Issue 3 of Mollie Makes.

And then I made these adorable little slippers, originally I was going to make them to match the first little hat but I didn't have enough of that yarn left, so I made them from the Stylecraft special Dk. I used a small 2.50mm hook to make the little rose and leaves.  I used this free pattern, and they were pretty simple to make, lots of counting though!

I didn't add the little straps as I attempted to make little ankle straps instead, and messed them up, and then ran out of time to do anything else!!
Silly me always leaving things to the last minute!!
But we tried them on Sienna and they fit perfectly, and stayed on too, since she doesn't do anything much more than sleep!!

i was glad I managed to make things from my stash I already have, as I couldn't afford to by her any outfits or even any new wool. I cannot believe how much things have gone up in price!

I am inspired to make some more little hat and shoes sets as I found out a friend had her baby last week, a girl and also another friend is due in May!
Might even finally get round to making extra sets and start using my Etsy account to actually sell rather than browse!!
My youngest son is off school again, he now has chicken pox! Poor little guy has had it really badly over the weekend, so he had to stay with my Mum while we went visiting the baby!
We didn't hardly get any sleep Saturday night. Around midnight, I was driving in the heavy snowfall to the 24 hr shop, to get some anti-histamine, however I got there and it was shut! I'd forgotten it closes at midnight on Saturday! I was 20 minutes late! Fortunately my car is a 4x4 so it holds the road well, and the snow made the fields and trees and countryside look so serene and still and beautiful!
On Sunday I managed to get his needed medicine and he slept a lot on Sunday. So today is he much more cheerful and thrilled to be off school, and there being snow to play in too!
I have a busy week, appointments here and there, my eldest son has to have dental surgery on Friday and will need to be totally sedated for that, and on Wednesday we have my Granddad's funeral.
So I will be glad next week when it is half term to have a break from the morning school rush and stay warm indoors crafting!
I hope you have a good week where ever you are!
Take Care Xx