Sunday, 20 February 2011

New Cards! Hurrah!

Hi There,

I finally have some cards to share with you. Can you believe they are my first this year?!!
Anyway, I went to a craft show on Friday. I've never been to one before, so when I got there and saw this massive indoor market of stalls catering for every craft I am into and more, I felt like I was in a dream! (soon woke up when I saw the prices! haha!)
Although I say that but, I am kicking myself over certain not-bought things, that were cheaper there than anywhere else! D'oh!
Nevermind. However, I was very much inspired by what I saw. It mainly was paper crafting stalls, only a few knitting/crochet ones.
I discovered a new company that design and make stamps, called 'Little Claire Designs'   I really liked their style of stamps, and the owner of the stall Steve was very friendly and chatty, and is even often on TV on the craft & create channel.
I bought two adorable stamp sets 'Room with a view - Cat in Window' and 'Beach Huts' 
I made a card last night with the 'Cat in the window' set. I annoyed myself with starting to colour in with watercolours and not thinking the colour scheme through, and almost ended having to start again! I'm not a 'girly pink' person. I can tolerate little bits of pink, here and there, as a complement, but I feel this card has too much pink in it, but that's probably just me!

The papers background and 'curtains' paper is from Papermania, the sentiment is WMS
Want to see what's behind the window shutters?

                              OH isn't it just the cutest?!
I'm rather pleased with my 'tabby cat' there too!! (if I may say so myself!)
I'm entering this one for the 'Anything Goes' Challenge over at the Little Claire Blog

I also got a new set from Hobby Art. I stood at the stall for ages trying to decide which set to get.
I ended up going for the Woodland Scenes set. And Its soooo adorable.
I really enjoyed using my markers and pencils to 'watercolour' this little picture. its such a sweet picture that I made the rest of the card really simple, and also by the time I finished it was getting really late and I didn't have time to faff about with it anymore!!

Here's a close-up of the picture i made with the stamp set

Sweet isn't it?

Hubby is having a 'Scalextric Race Nite' tonight. He has got some friends coming round and they are going to race their little cars..I started to mock him a little then he said about how I spent all last night, 'colouring-in with my felt tips'. haha!

He too was with me crafting away,last night, making his own background buildings for his race track. I will take some photo's tonight to show you as they are impressive. 
He has taken some already but they're not good quality. 

Lastly, I just wanted to share with you the flowers I've had around the place this past month. It's so cheering to have pretty flowers about, makes it feel like Spring is almost's not, its absolutely freezing here today, and my sister has even had snow again up her way.

Firstly, are my Tulips, that were such soft, subtle hints of pink

they looked almost iridescent when the sun was shining on them 

Blue hyacinth

                                           mini daffodils

 I came down to this sight one morning, my poor tulips, Naked!! petals all over the table! haha!

and finally,

Pink  Hyacinth which has lasted considerably longer than the Blue one, perhaps because I didn't keep moving it about, and because I left it on my windowsill!
Although it is now getting past it's best, and like all the rest of my flowers here, are ready to wilt.

Well, that's all from me for now. Tonight I am going to try and sneak in a little bit of card making if I can, or at least carry on with my crochet blanket, which is nearly finished. Just a few more rows then I can 'finish' it, with an edge. I am looking forward to The End of it, so I can show you all...and swiftly start on another! I need to make another for my caravan, and my sister also has asked me to make her one. Yay!
This week is half-term for my boys, so they have a week off school, and the weather looks set to be miserable :(       Typical!
But I have got my card-making bug/mojo back, so watch this space for more soon!
Have a good week
Take Care Xx