Monday, 21 March 2011

The Granny Stripe Blanket and Other Things...

Hi there!
I know I've been absent for a little while.
I've had a rather taxing and stressful past month or so, and have totally not felt like blogging at all. Sorry about that.
However I have still tried to have a peek of all the blogs I follow, and leave comments when I've had something to say!!
One little blog that I have discovered recently is by such a sweet lady, Tina.
I really enjoy reading about her simple uncluttered life up in Scotland, and how she takes pleasure and joy out of everyday by just observing the little, simple things that most people take for granted or don't notice.
That is something I have found most inspiring.
That it's OK to do without things that end up cluttering ones life, distracting us from the beautiful little pleasures, and that waste ones time.
One of my favorite posts of hers is this one.

We have recently had a Massive financial blow.
It came few days after we booked our non-refundable, non-transferable weekend to Paris!
We cannot afford to waste the money we've spent on the weekend already, so although it feels terribly frivolous and care-free of us, we are still going, and as my dearest and closest friends and family have advised, we do need the break!
I know many, many people are suffering financially now, everyone is affected in one way or another, so I'm certainly not going to sit here and wallow in my self-pity!!
Especially when there's such tragic and awful things that have happened, still happening in Japan.
Also on Friday just gone, we had 'Red Nose Day' here in the UK. All evening we watched 'Comic Relief'
and some of the stories and plights of the people in Africa is just so upsettingly sad and desperate.
Some just made me cry so much. Its heart-breaking.
Just puts any of my problems into perspective. So no whinging from me!

Anyway, what I have failed to blog about, is the Completion of my Blanket! YAY!! I finished it on the 1st of March, so it took 6 weeks. or 45 days from start to finish.
It's become a real family favorite, my 'mittle' son just loves it so much, and is often bundled up in it, as I will show you. The Edge took a little longer and was a little more complicated than I anticipated, and also the dreaded sewing the ends in. I had every reason to dread it!! it was soooo time-consuming and annoying!!
when I finally finished it there was no joyous " Ta-Daaah" or happy dancing as I had imagined!
just an 'OH! there's no more stitches, oh! its done!" and there it was,
All Done.
and a happy contented tired smile spread across my lips!
So let me SHOW it to you!!

(I warn you now, I took ALOT of photo's!!)

                 Here it is almost finished........

Here is the Completed Blanket, laid out on my floor...

Most of the time I would I would set out about 6 balls of yarn in an order, making sure that no two colours were next to each other twice. (Except when I got a bit stuck at the end!) so there was no set pattern or repeat.
 When I didn't lay the next 6 balls out in readiness, and just randomly picked a ball, I tended to not like the results. I have a few rows together that I didn't like, but, hey ho! I just don't look at them!!

                                     The Edge, up close
again I followed (Attic 24) Lucy's Pattern, I did attempt to do a 'shell' edging but it looked awful and wrong, so I tentatively followed Lucy's picot edge pattern.
 By this time I'd done so many treble clusters, I'd forgotten how to do any other stitches!!! so it was like learning them all over again!
I have a funny feeling that perhaps I should have turned it over after I went all the way round with each of the rows for the Edge, but, it looks OK to me! I  haven't had anyone so far examine it and say 'What on Earth have you done here?! this is all wrong!!" haha!

So there I was trying to lay it out on the floor, in the glorious bright sunlight we had filtering through the windows, and of course the inevitable happened........

"MY Blanket!!" my 'mittle' son cried in delight!
and he thoroughly enjoyed rolling around on the floor in my blanket

a scrumptious little bundle!

And finally to see the scale of it, I've laid it across my 3 seater sofa!
So in actual fact, it's far too big for my caravan sofa as its intended for!!
but, it'll do!

I feel like its the end of an Era! haha!
But, I am proud to announce i have started Another One Already!!
Yes, I thought I would make one especially for 'mittle' son, and his favorite colour is Green, but his bedroom is Blue and Red (and white) so with that in mind, I went to my local wool shop, perused and touched the wools, and felt that the best and loveliest wool to do his blanket with is Sirdar Snuggly Baby Wool.
however, I gasped when I saw the price for the just one 50g ball, and couldn't justify it. So I took note of all the colours I liked, came home and researched and browsed online and found it slightly cheaper elsewhere!
I have actually bought some cheaper 100g balls, of similar quality and feel,(baby wool) so that I didn't need quite so many of the Still Expensive but Cheaper than my shop balls of wool!
I was a little disappointed though when my wool came, as not all my order was there and I've waited weeks for them to send the rest of it. I received a ball yesterday, but am still waiting for an important green that I need to continue with.
I must say I've got a bit disheartened with it, it looks a bit cold and sombre compared to my last blanket, and I wanted it to be just as colourful and cheerful and its not saying that to me at the moment, however that just could just be the way I am feeling at the mo!
Here take a look at it and please tell me what you think...

I think its not 'Green' enough. Its turning out to be quite Blue. Not how Mittle son wants it.

Any Hoo, I'm off to do some ironing now as I am starting to pack already for the Weekend In Paris.
I am so looking forward to it! and what is the best thing is that we are going because my dear and bestest and longest friend, Bonnie is going on holiday to Paris Tomorrow, and when she booked it up she asked if Hubby & Me would like to meet up and join them for a few days!
Hubby & I  had originally planned to go to Paris for a weekend for our anniversary in May, since its a Big One for us, (10 years!! I cannot believe I've been married for 10 years!! gone so quick!!!) so when Bon asked us we had to decide whether to meet with them or go for our anniversary...and needless to say we decided to go and meet Bonnie and her Hubby.
 It will be interesting as our Hubby's have never meet before! I've been over to Bonnie, but it was just me who went, and she came over to me on her own.
 But I'm sure they will get along fine!
I am looking forward very much to such a wonderful weekend break away with my lovely Hubby, My Bestest Friend and being In the most Romantic City in the world, Paris.
It really feels like a once in a lifetime treat!

I'd love to hear your comments on my granny blanket, and my little one also. So feel free to do so!
I hope you have a good week ahead,
I'll be back soon to share my adventures with you!
Take care,