Friday, 20 July 2012

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to pop in and update you all.
I'll be very quiet in these next few weeks/month as we are moving house!

We are downsizing to a tiny little cottage/bungalow, that I have already fallen in love with despite its smallness and faults (yucky coloured bathroom suite, no central heating, mole ridden garden!)

I cannot wait to start our new life in it.
Life will still be challenging and things will still be hard financially for us, but this move has alleviated a lot of bills and financial stress.

Since it is so much smaller we have been selling lots of possessions, which has been so very liberating and rewarding!
We had a yard sale last weekend, and raised £94 ($147/ R1208/ 120euro) and that was just from back garden junk!!
So this weekend we are having another one selling our furniture etc.

We took unwanted clothes to a recycle centre where they pay you per kilo, and we got £40 for about 5 bags.
Hubby and I have been selling bits on Ebay and some items have sold so quickly our mobile phones informed us of the sell as the pc hadn't refreshed the page yet!!
I sold a Cath Kidston duvet cover, that as much as I love it, I need to get rid of covers and I hoped that because that one was branded it would sell...I didn't think immediately though!!!

Our new home is just 5 miles away from our current village, and is much closer to the shops and amenities, work etc, and my boys qualify for school transport, so I don't have to move them to a different school, so that's worked out well.

Its been a crazy few weeks, and just a week ago we had got the bungalow! and we'd only decided to move at the beginning of this month!!

our back garden

back of the cottage from the garden

So its all been very fast.

view of fields from side of cottage

view down the lane from our drive

My Etsy shop has done well, I've had 3 sales since I set it up and I can't wait to get settled in and making some more stock!!

living room/lounge

trees surrounding our new home
I recently went to our village horticultural show which had a competition section for handmade toys, so I entered 'Annie-Rose', and she got 2nd Prize (just a card saying 2nd prize, no actual prize!!) 

the dog won 1st prize. I believe it was also just a card saying 1st, and no actual prize or trophy!

Anyway, I'd better got on with packing! arrgghh! 
Have a lovely weekend, 
and I'll be back in a month or so 
Take Care Xx