Monday, 17 May 2010

Oh I forgot!.....

Hi again, I forgot in the previous post to add the '10 random things about me' that goes with the award!
so here they are

1. My best friend, is Bonnie, we have 'pen pals' since 1996/7 and hadn't met until 2006 when I went over to South Africa to visit her for 2 weeks. Last May she came over to visit me in England. We still write huge long novel -like letters!

2. I am also a singer. I have done gigs and was in a country duo for a few years, now I just sing at private gigs,Karaoke, friends weddings etc as its too daunting to go solo!

3. I've gone down two dress sizes in the last 8 months and am finally the size I was when I got married, although a different shape! due to childbirth, twice!

4. I have always been a brunette. I have gone different shades, but never gone lighter, but my hair lengths have been from very long (could tuck it in my waistband) to 2" long (big mistake!!)

5. There is an 8 year age gap between my hubby & I. Our mum's have known each for years, and there's a old wedding video where we are in the same shot. I am 11 and singing, and he is 18, and plays bass!!!

6. I am a middle child and it's NOT fair!!!

7. I really do not like any reality tv shows, esp the 'next top model' ones or '16 & pregnant' or 'my sweet 16'.  stuff i wish my step daughter wouldn't watch!!

8. I love old movies, anything with Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr and Jimmy Stewart. my favs are 'an affair to remember' & 'the grass is greener'

9. My most favorite music artist is Michael Buble. When i was 16, I loved the Beatles & the Monkees. In my 20's, it was Bon Jovi and The Levellers (folk rock english band), I like most music, except that screamy gothy rock & eminem.

10. I really like driving. I didn't learn until I had my son when i was 26, and passed my test first time. I do most of the driving.

when I first tried to think of my first point, I thought ' how on earth am I going to think of 10 facts! but actually I just kept thinking of them!! But I won't bore you any longer!!! haha!

P.s Mum, I have tried to make sure I have used a capital 'I' each time!! (mum said the only complaint she had about my blog was that I used a lowercase i, when I should have put 'I'!!
Not too badly for my first complaint, i guess!! Sorry, I guess!!!!!!! ;)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

long time,no write...i know!

hello there, sorry its been a while! just been very busy with life!
firstly, i must say a huge delayed THANK YOU to my bestest buddy, Bonnie, who awarded my this lovely award

i feel honored and most unworthy of such an award, because everyone else who has got it is truelly awesome and has amazing talent! but Thank you very much, all the same.
Right, so, i have been busy, boringly sorting out the finances and making cut backs and miserably avoiding any craft shops and websites, as there's so much stuff i want!! hee hee! but sometimes we just have to work with what we have, hey?
I had my anniversary this month our 9th (on the 5th) and I was so stuck for inspiration for a card. I got an email from bonnie, and i replied and told her i was stuck, then i browsed about on some blogs to get inspiration and yet again i found such a beautiful card by Cindy lee, now i didn't have the monochrome things (at the time!) but it did inspire me, so i got on with my card, and as i'm doing it and emails comes through from bonnie, saying to check out Cindy's card, the very same one!! Scary!! hahaha!
Mine really doesn't look like it at all, it doesn't quite have the stylishness, but i was pleased enough with it and hubby was most impressed! here it is:

really bad photo! sorry! I used things i'd had in my collection for ages, i think the paper is K&Co, the embellishments, i have no idea, had them so long! ric rac is from local craft store.

Recently my Mum (HI Mum!) has started card making. she needed a hobby and has settled on card making, and i must sayshe is doing very well for a 'mature' beginner! I was most impressed with my anniversary card from her, and i'm sure she won't mind if i show you all one of her first cards

(well done Mum!)
On Friday afternoon my Mum and i had a little card making session and although mum made several, i only made one! as i 'faffed' about too much trying to find a paper to go with the colours i painted my stamped image! but amazingly, what i ended up with was not my usual style at all and colours i never use (orangey-peachy colours) but you know it just gave me a really buzz, i feel in the zone! haha! i do love the shabby chic style, and esp the vintage, old style, but at the moment i'm really liking the fresh, crisp look!
Here's my card from Friday:                                   

            (stamps are 'wonderful' clear stamp collection by Penny Black, papers are Websters' pages)

Well, Today, I have had a little 'marathon' card making day. i sat round my MIL's all afternoon, i took a small stash of papers, stamps and other essentials and made 4 cards! now, for me, that's amazing! i am so slow normally, and i think that having a reduced choice and and limited materials, i had to make them simple. Also i brought some really cute penny black hedgehog clear stamps and i just love them. i need  to get some more as i need some on an love/anniversary theme as i make more anniversary cards than i do of anything else. I really enjoyed working with them and watercolour painting them, just so enjoyable, and that's what card making is about isn't it. I just made the cards, not for anyone in particular, just because!

Paper is from K&co paper pack (classic K bailey) using panny Black 'Wonderful' stamp, used watercolour pencils. Ribbon is from my collection, lost the wrapper long ago!

blue card is from the paper mill shop, hedgehog stamp as before, ribbon from craft shop, tiny rhinestones are in each little flower from Basic Grey and flower from GCS.
I just love the simplicity of this card but it has little special details.

again the paper and ribbon have been in my collection so long i can't remember where they're from! i coloured in the dark blue card, as i didn't have any with me! also the ballon is 3D! ooh!
I didn't really concentrate much on this one, i had one eye on Colin Firth in Nanny McPhee, which was on tv that my boys and MIL were watching, and i was thinking how far he'd come from that dashing Mr.D'arcy!! and then my mind wandered!!! hahaha!

I rather like this one. I used Websters Pages paper and papermill raspberry red paper and penny black stamps.
I had forgotten to take any sentiment stamps or peel offs, so they are yet to be 'worded'
So i feel most satisfied with my creative output this weekend! i will try and keep up with my blog more regularly. i have no idea actually if anyone reads this at all, except Bonnie, so please feel free to leave me a comment, even if its just to say Hi!
Bye for Now Xx