Monday, 30 May 2011

Return to Blogland!

Hi There! Long time, No See!!
I admit I have been a TERRIBLE blogger these past months.
Lets just say I've had a lot going on.
Today, we have a rather murky dull day, which is typical British Bank Holiday weather!! The sky has clouded over and the rain is imminent, but I'm not complaining, as I know how much my young little plants in the garden need it.
I felt compelled to come online and say Hi to you all, even though I don't have many completed projects to show you yet or more likely, photo's of my completed projects.

In my previous post I wrote about starting a blanket for my littlest boy, and how I didn't like it. Shortly after that, I pretty much gave up on it. I actually gave up on all my crafty things, basically my creativity went on holiday!!

Anyway, it came back at the end of April, and I really got on with it from then on. I finished it last Monday.
I am happy with it, and my little son just loves it. But I haven't taken any pics yet.
I also finally got around to making a roman blind for my 'cloakroom', or little loo as we call it, that's been waiting for months and months!!

Since finishing it, I have been itching to do something with this wool
pretty isn't it? Can I add, I did not take this photo, I found it on Google Images, so I take no credit for it!
I couldn't resist it when I saw it in an unlikely place to buy wool, at a homewares shop! But it was just £1 a ball!! since we're on an immensely tight budget, I treated myself to a few balls.
However once I got it home, I did wonder if it would crochet up ok! If that's a term!
This afternoon I had a nice little moment, out in the garden, when the sun was out, on our weather worn garden swing, my big fat pussycat snoozing beside me, just the birds singing and tweeting away. Just blissful.
(Hubby had taken the boys out to a fair that I didn't fancy)

I think it crochet's up quite nicely. I am making a cushion cover for my caravan - Ellie.
Also, I am wearing my cute little apron, that my friend Bonnie made me a few years ago. 
I love it and have taken to wearing an apron more often lately, although I do tend to need to wear a full apron, this cute little half one, is just perfect for plodding about doing housework! 
Please check out Bonnie's latest aprons she has FOR SALE! and also while I'm on the subject, rush over NOW for her Fantastic Blogiversary Giveaway, Quickly It ends TOMORROW, (31st May 2011)

This is the first side I did, I am working on the second half. Its going much better second time!! 

We are currently redecorating our caravan. It was an ugly beige colour, so we have freshened it up with a coat or two of old lace white. and I have just ordered some fabric to replace the ugly boring bland terracotta coloured curtains. 
I will share some pictures of it when we are done, in the mean time, I'd like to share with you some photo's I have of our lovely Springtime we have enjoyed. 
We have tried to make the most of it as much as we can.
First there was the joy that we get every year of our Magnolia tree blossoming

Here's my favourite place to sit in my garden, our rather dilapidated garden swing (we are saving up for a new one) we are using sun lounger cushions as seat cushions as the original ones went mouldy and the little mice in the shed made a nice little nest out of them too!!) I have since moved the swing to the right , and the overgrown flower bed behind it has now been weeded and extended and planted with sweet little baby plants. 
 We went for picnics, here was a little spot we choose one time, under an Oak tree, I took my big blanket and also you can see my Working in Progress blanket for my son.

my little boy calls these 'Puffs'!

We also went to visit my sister who lives in Derbyshire, one of my favourite places in England, and we went for a bike ride in the Derwent Valley 

it was just so beautiful and green here, we were really blessed with lovely sunny days, 
we had lots of fun...
rough and tumble times with Daddy, this is my Hubby roaring to life after my step-daughter, and boys jumped on him while he rested from the ride

Also my boys thought it very funny to sprinkle hubby and I with leaves left over from last autumn!

I love this shot of my step-daughter and my eldest son. 
credit for these last 3 photo's are to my brother in law.
He took this one also of me

and finally for today, I wanted to share with you something quite amazing. 
My cat Charlie, is a big old softie... unless you touch his tummy, then he'll kick to warn you away if you stroke him too near, and if you persist as I do sometimes, he'll go into a little fighting kicking, biting little bundle of lion!! 
Anyway, I was sitting writing in my journal in the garden, one lovely sunny morning, and I had been teasing him, as I'm sure one day he'll just roll over and let me tickle his softest fluffiest fur, I popped into the house to
refill my coffee cup and returned to this scene............

Amazing! He can write!!! hahahaahah!!please click on it to see it bigger if you can't read it!!
I showed my son this and for a whole day he totally believed it!! then he looked at it a day later and said "Mummy, that's your writing isn't it?"

Anyway, on that silly note, I am going to leave you, oh but not before asking you to please check out my Mum's blog to see her present that she made for Hubby & I for our 10th Wedding Anniversary. 
They take pride of place on the sofa, and I still look at them with such a happy impressed warm feeling. 
Thanks again Mum, I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into them. Xx

I Hope you all have a good week ahead of you and I WILL return soon to show my finished accomplishments!
Take Care Xx