Saturday, 29 October 2011

meet my giddy girls!

Hello there, 
Meet my little diddy 'giddy pigs' as my little one calls them! 
They're sisters, 10 weeks old now, and called Melody (grey one) and Amelia (white&ginger)
My eldest son named them, I was most impressed,with such sweet names, then I realised they were named after characters in Doctor Who!
We've had them for several weeks now and they are still very timid. I only just got around to taking photo's of them today after I cleaned their cage out. They both ran into their tube, at the same time and they looked so darn cute that I had to run and grab my camera!
I was surprised that they sat there like that for quite a while,posing! 

When I first got them my sons were estastic, my eldest said "OH mum! I've always wanted a guinea pig....and a meercat, but oh!! TWO guinea pigs!!" 
but as kids go, they have lost a bit of interested in them, but I adore them, and love cuddling them, listening to their little squeaks and purrs. 
If you can at all recall the noise E.T makes when he's nervous or scared...they do that!!

I have some things I have made to share with you soon. 
and want to share with you two costumes I am making for a Fancy Dress party we are going to in December.
But I'll leave it for my next post! ;-)

Take care Xx