Monday, 18 June 2012

Etsy Shop Now Officially...Open!

Hi All,

I'd love to say what a busy girl I've been making tons of stock for my Etsy shop, however I have been rather distracted with other projects and just life in general.
The past few months have been a bit hectic as its seems the school wants to hold a special day for just about every occaision that comes along!
Anyway, I digress, today I Officially opened my shop!
I hastily actually opened it a few weeks ago in a vain attempt to show my sister my Etsy shop! (we were on the phone at our PC's!!)
My one little bunny sat there listed all by her self, only one photo of her!
So today, finally my step-daughter returned my camera to me and I set to taking pics and writing posts for my little cuties!
You've seen Rosie in my last post, let me show you...Robbie

He's slightly bigger but still cute!
Then we have his littlest sister, Annie-Rose

aww! isn't she sweet?! 
She's a bit smaller than Rosie, and is made with brushed pure white yarn, so she's soft and fluffy!

and then we have a little Orphan Baby Owl! 

awww just too cute!!! He's made from soft, bobbly wool, it was quite difficult to crochet with, as I couldn't make out the stiches! In the end I couldn't count the stitches, so I just 'blagged' it, made him up as went along! and I'me very pleased with how he turned out!!

Please feel free to pop on over and have a look, and if you feel tempted here's a little decision maker for you...just for my Blog Followers here's a coupon code for 10% off any item! 

Hope you've got a good week ahead and thanks for reading

Take care
Em Xx