Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hello Friends!

Hello there,
I hope you are well. 
I'm not! Again! Oh I have been feeling most sorry for my self this past 24 hours. 
But I am gradually feeling just a bit better. I'm not sure what's up, I lost my voice again and had a sore throat yesterday. And horrible headaches too. Today the voice returned after lunch! It was so weird I had a whispery croak all morning, had a shower at lunch-time (I know strange time to shower but the step kids used the all the hot water this morning! so I had to wait for mine, since I was last one up! 
Anyway, I suddenly just got my voice back, but I have more of an annoying cough and still have a huge vice like gripping headache. 
But Enough on that. 
I'm boring myself!! 
I Haven't got much to share with you yet. although boy am I inspired, have you seen Attic 24 Lucy's new crochet cushion??? Oh its just wonderful and I want to make one RIGHT NOW!!!  
I have a long list, a whole page of things I want and need to make. 
But I have been busy being typically unorganised me! 
This week I have baking to do for my nieces wedding on Saturday, a big family affair, where we all help out with the catering. Hubby is waitering, and helping to set up and decorate the village hall thats been hired. I am making quiches and cakes. 
And of course still need to make a card and wrap the pressie. 

Also this week, we have my step son visiting for the next few weeks, next weekend I have my sister and hubby visiting, and have some friends coming over for dinner too, so I have lots to plan and think about. And all I really want to do is snuggle in some warm, sunny soft quiet place with my crochet, with a big mug of sweet tea. 

 I have made something, but I made it so quickly I almost forgot it!
I had forgotten to make a card for my youngest to take in to his Playschool on his very last day there, so I dropped him off, and dashed to get a pressie I'd had my eye on for the very occasion (a cute mug with special teacher text) and then came home and made this in just over an hour. It's not the best or neatest I've done but it's cute enough!

I used hobby Art and Waltzing mouse Stamps, water-coloured in, and used October Afternoon paper. 

My craft room is an horrendous mess at the moment, and all of my own doing, too many works in progress. 
So, I should pop in there and get things sorted out....who bets I'll get distracted making something and it still looks the same in 5 hours time?! hahahaha! 

Have a Super week, esp those of you who have children on school holidays...

Take care
Em Xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The One that got away

Why Hello my friends! I'm back again! Two posts in one week!! Wow! (for me!)

Now on to a sad note

So after feeling cheered up from my feeling ill and poorly and getting a good bargain, I came home to find, that my naughty littlest boy had pulled off the wire fencing from our gate, and hence our bunny rabbit, Georgie Wiggles escaped. 
I eventually found him, or rather his body, by the side of the road. 
So when my eldest boy got home from school, we had a little funeral for him and laid dandelions on his little grave (his favourite things to munch besides all my flowers I liked that he had munched already) 
I will miss the sparky little thing. 
I know Rabbits don't exactly have a personality. They don't DO much in the way of entertainment or amusement, but he did have a very cheeky side to him, nibbling on my sunflower seedlings whilst keeping a shifty eye on me, and then pretending it wasn't him when I noticed! 
Or the way he'd stay nice and still, waiting until you were a hairs breadth away from picking him up.. and he'd hoppity-skip away, letting you chase him all evening, or getting wet in the rain! 

We'd taken to letting him roam the garden these past few months. he kept escaping from his run, so since he seemed to behave himself we just let him roam. He loved hopping after Charlie the cat, every time Charlie  stalked across the garden, Little Georgie-Wiggles would skip on over to walk with him, like a little brother following his big brother asking
 "where are you going? can I come too?? Please?? i won't get in the way,I promise!"

"Psst, Hey! Charlie Cat, Let me out! G'on I'll show you some lovely lettuce!"

My hubby looked his little body over (he works in an undertakers!) and he couldn't determine what he had died from. He didn't think he'd been hit by a car, or attacked in anyway as there's no marks on him or broken bones.  We can only guess that perhaps he got too cold in the rain last night. On rainy nights he would hop back to his hutch or nestle under our Magnolia tree between the Ivy and next door's wall. He'd seem quite content there and would put up quite a chase if one tried to catch him. 
Such a shame. I will miss the dear little thing. 
My Boys were sad but not too upset. I think Hubby and I were more upset really. We do get quite soppy and attached to these little creatures! 

I don't think we shall be getting another Rabbit. Although I did say that after the last one died,(of old age) and hubby came home a week later with this one! 
I think maybe a guinea pig next time...or just be content with our Charlie Cat. 
Personally I would like Chickens or a Dog. but Hubby doesn't want a dog, at all, and the chickens are a "maybe one day" thing! 

Well, I can't leave you on such a sad note now can ?, so I shall leave you with a glimpse of Georgie Wiggles' roaming and nibbling grounds, My garden.

Bye for Now!
Take Care

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I love hearing from my readers!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy Caravanner's!

Hi all!
I hope you had a good weekend. We are having somewhat of a heatwave here in England, so Hubby & I went on a spur-of-the-moment weekend break away in our caravan, with our boys and Hubby's parents. 
I Say spur-of-the-moment, we booked it last Monday and went there on Friday! 
We went to a place called 'Battle' in East Sussex. Its near where the famous 1066 battle took place between some historic figures and is all terribly significant in British History but Awwwwwwww excuse me while I yawn!!!!!
I'm sorry, I do love some history and love old stories, but Vikings and Saxon's and all that savagery and brutality and harshness is just not interesting to me!
Hubby loves all the knights and Viking stories and archery and Beowulf type stories, and finds it all fascinating, but its not my thing! give me Jane Austen or a period drama and I'm happy!! 
So I digress, we went to a nice little site, My in-laws in their tent and us in our almost finished renovated caravan. 
We didn't have a particularly interesting weekend so I shall spare you the recount, but I did discover some LOVELY little shops in Battle,that we had a browse around, including a wool shop, that actually stocked some wool I have been looking for that has been discontinued. I haven't been able to find it anywhere, and yet there it was, the nice lady behind the counter went straight to it. 
The next day I had decided to go back and get a few more balls, just in case, and sadly it was closed.
What I enjoyed mostly I think, apart from the lazy afternoon and time spent with my family, was enjoying seeing my little caravan with her new curtains and cushions!! all made by me!
I took these photo's when we first bought out "Ellie" (our caravan's name!)

 As you can see, she's ok but a bit dull, with the terracotta velour curtains and cushions, and the pale mossy green upholstery. 

So this is how she looked this weekend...

I think she looks lovely with my crocheted blankets on the sofa's but also looks ok without them too..

I am currently making throws to go over these sofa's properly, as my son doesn't want to part with his blanket and we have got used to our happy summer blanket around the house, and they are both too big really. I am mid way through the first blanket. All granny squares. in the same colours as the cushions.
We need to finish the painting, Hubby got busy with some urgent repairs that he needed to do on her, and so she didn't get the paint job finished. 
We've had to take her back into storage for the time being as our Landlords (and neighbour) aren't keen on our keeping the caravan on the drive.
 Not everyone is a caravan-lover like me!!

Anyway, that's it from me for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing my little home from home!
I will be back soon as I am working on something...just need a few more hours in the day to get working on it some more. 
I currently have 3 different projects on the go,all a different craft!  with another few pending, waiting in the wings!!
Do you like to have different projects on the go, flitting from one to the other, or do you stay with one until its completed and then move on to the next project on the list?