Monday, 21 November 2011

Hello Friends!
Hope you are all well and cheerful.
I am feeling rather cheerful myself, which is a little unexpected, since we have such Miserable, Dull weather at the moment.
I have been really busy for the past few months, and also have not been too well, but...I feel pretty good now!

I have been bursting with inspiration and ideas of things to make.
I really love it when I feel like this.
There is nothing worse than to sit before your happy stash of things and have no idea what to do with them!!

I have made quite a few little things that I can't wait to share with you, but they are gifts for a special friend who reads this blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise!!
so in the mean time, I have some gorgeous fabric to share with you. I came across a online store called Sew La La . I could really have bought up her whole stock if I had the riches! I Love so many of those cute designs.
I am determined to make some things to sell, so I got some fabric to get me started. How pretty are these?...

I'm looking forward to making something with them! 
I also got a pack of fat quarters. In a basket amongst the gorgeous Tanya Whelan fabric, one of my Favourite designers, so I thought I was picking up a bargain! However, I have since discovered that its not Tanya Whelan's designs, I think its a mix, and may possibly be called 'Camden Market Chic'! Whatever the designer, I love this pack!!

I am really in the mood for SEWING lately. 
We are going to a fancy dress party in 2 weeks, I can not WAIT! I am so excited. I have made/re-purposed our costumes for Hubby, St-Daughter, my two boys and I. 
Also Mum wants me to come up with something for her & hubby. 

I have started them all, but still not entirely finished either yet! 
my boys are going as the Mario Bros! they'll be so cute! I looked everywhere for dungarees, but couldn't find any for my 7 year old, who wears an age 9 as he's so I set to making some!
 Eeek, I know!
I've NEVER attempted to make trousers before! 
I looked online and found a tutorial for making trousers, and then just added the bib part.
 Pretty much making it up as I go along!! 
I have almost finished my littlest sons pair. Just have to sew on the poppers. then I'll start on my eldest's. 
but so far, they look perfect on my little one. I am amazed at myself for figuring it out!!! haha!! 
My St-daughter is going as Barbie. Her boyfriend as Ken. Poor guy!! haha! 
 she already has a pretty pink embellished corset/basque so I am making her a big poffee puffy skirt with lots of tulle and shimmery organza, she'll look every bit the fantastic plastic princess!! 
My Hubby & I are going as a 'couple'. a famous couple who  never were quite a couple! 
Unlike my 'character' I will not be leaving Hubby's character to sob pitifully, smash some mirrors and disappear!!!!! Can you guess who we're going as???? 

On the night I will make sure I take lots of photo's of my handiworks! 

One last thing to share, I had a go at making some wrist warmers. I've never made  them before and made them up as I went along. They aren't perfect, but they do the job!!

well that's it from me for now, had better get on with some sewing! 

Take Care Xx