Saturday, 8 September 2012

settled in and loving life and home

Hello friends,
I am back to the blogosphere!

We have had a really lovely summer, settling into our new home and discovering the delights of our surroundings and neighbourhood. Let me share with you some views...
(My bedroom window, the view I wake up to every morning...
this morning there was a blue tit and a robin that came to rest briefly on the lilac tree in my view,
which was a sight that made my heart skip with joy)
(building a den in the garden with my boys...)
(fields that surround our back garden...)
(my hanging baskets at the front of my home...)
my cat, Charlie loves our new home and this is one of his favourite spots!
(our lounge/living room, in the afternoon sunlight...
often when I sit here I can see a squirrel skitting about it the treetops,
 jumping from branch to branch, tree to tree)
(my kitchen dining area (and ironning!) in the morning sunshine)
Although we have only moved somewhat down-the-road from our previous home, just 4 miles away,
we seemed to have re-discovered the area, with the little 'beach' just a short minute or two walk away from us -
Hubby takes his canoe, and we meet friends on the beach who also have little boats, (one of them owns a beach hut there and the pontoon) we go out in the boats, one is a speed boat and we love to whizz over the water...

 I say 'beach' as it really is a pitiful size! and not pretty, in fact its ugly, has too much seaweed, dodgy flotsum and jetsom. However, we went over yesterday evening, and I was amazed at how a blue cloudless sky and the following sunset can change the normally ugly little beach into a place of beauty and charm!

(sometimes I take a cuppa and a warm bread bagette with nutella with me)
Its quite a thing- a blessing I think-  to sit of an evening, with the salty sea breeze in my hair, the sunset glowing bringing a beautiful end to the day, watching my boys running up and down the pontoon...everytime I take a book, a letter I'm writing, or crochet to do, and I never have yet been able to concentrate, and ending up just watching and playing with my boys, chatting with friends and taking hundreds of photo's!!!)
building sandcastles in the still hot fading sunlight

views of the moorings at the Estuary...I'd love to call it a Quay or a Habour, but its neither of those really! and once the tide returns, we're left with mud and seaweed! but it's still is a lovely sight in the twilight!

I feel really and totally at home here, and I feel so content and happy. Which with all the financial troubles and stresses and depression I suffered with in the past few years, is a blessed relief!
The seasons are turning now here in England, and I can see a few leaves on the trees turning a golden yellow already, but the summer is holding out and this week we have have some gorgeously hot days, and beautiful warm evenings.
My boys have returned to School now, and although my days have been busy this past week with apointments, errands etc, I am looking forward to having time to get making again, and filling up my poor neglected Etsy shop which has been empty all summer as all my little makes sold! which filled my heart with glee!

Well, I am signing off now as we are about to go Kayaking on the river, as we haven't been out in them much since living here!
I hope you have a lovely weekend too where ever you are and making the most of your surroundings and little blessings in life!

Oh. before I go a friend of mine, Nicola has just set up a little blog, please pop over and visit her here!

Bye for Now
Emma Xx