Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Shibby Shabby Shuffle Muffle

Heehee! In a playful mood today!
I saw my bestie buddy's new blog post today and thought like her I'd follow suit with a silly post title!!

I had a little blogland wander yesterday (and today while I should have been cleaning..) and came across a few Lovely little blogs, and one of them, Country Rose has a GORGEOUS giveaway! I can but only hope that perhaps I'll win such lovely goodies, but I never tend to win anything! So hopes are not too high, but OH! how lovely the things are! i want them!!

I haven't got much to blog about this week. Things are Hectic with the boys out of school and all with step-son home from Uni. The student in us all is coming out and I'm struggling to be bothered to get anything done!!!
I did however, completely tidy out my craft room and even managed to make it All Mine! Finally! Gone are Hubby's banished ornaments of little jousting knights, and tankards, and manly type things he liked to keep on display out there (because it was all too ugly to keep in the house!) unfortunately for me, its gone upstairs, on the landing, along with the bookcase (which looks better up there) so I have to walk past it all everyday, but its a small sacrifice to be able to have all my own 'room' (its the conservatory,click HERE for a post on it when I first established it last year as my semi-craft room) and I have TWO desks, my original one and now our old dining table, as my Sewing desk. I'm not showing photo's of it yet as I haven't had the shelves up yet and its not completely finished as yet. But I surely am looking forward to having a good crafty session in there soon (not going to be this week though sadly)

At the weekend, we went to my Niece's wedding, well, Hubby's Niece (so that makes her my niece too right?!) it was a Lovely wedding. I didn't get hardly any photos as Hubby and I were helping out and couldn't stick around for the pics, and also they specifically requested that any photo's of the wedding not be posted on any social network sites etc, so to be on the safe side, I'll not include them..here's me though!...

                                              Only one glass was mine!! Honest!!

 The skirt i was wearing is my new favourite skirt, so Floaty and a soft peachy pale blush colour...no nice photo's of that either!! Anyway, I loved it and swooshed and swoshed around in it, only to discover a 12 year old girl was also wearing it...i think she was a bit more Mortified than me!!!! That's what I get for shopping in H&M!
                                                                Me ^                          ^ Mortified 12yr old!
It was a really lovely wedding though, and they are such a sweet and happy couple.

On Sunday, we went to a friends Tea Party, just the thing I needed after the late night we'd had.
It was held in a cute little village hall, and it was such an enjoyable afternoon. Sunny and warm, lots of happy, friendly people, quite idealic!

LOVE this bunting!! No one knew where it was from! but had gorgeous little bird patterns on it, 

my little boy's plate! chosen by himself from the buffet table

(my goodness, that blanket goes everywhere with us now! a family Staple!)

Today, I tried to keep the boys busy, we built a little tent in the garden..

Take Care
Love Em Xx 

p.s For those reading this and then the comments and wondering what some are on about, i have since edited and removed some photo's and comments. Sorry.