Sunday, 20 January 2013

twenty thirteen


After reading my dear friend Bonnie' s first blog post of the year, I have been inspired to also continue with this blog after deliberately neglecting it since late summer.
I'm not blogging for the comments and interest from others (although it must be said I can' t help but be thrilled when I do get both) I have decided that my blog is for me to record all my creative makes and the little things in life that makes me happy.
Of course I know there are other ways to record these things, but simply put this is the channel I choose in order that I can share with my few friends who read this, how things are in my life but without the personal bits.
I don' t know it that makes sense or if that come accross as aloof sounding, but I am quite a private person, and knowing that any body can read about me is uncomfortable to me.
Facebook horrified me and I can,t believe how so many people are so open and uncensored as to what they say and I left.

my life has really changed within the year 2012.
As I said in my previous and last post of 2012, we had to downsize rather drastically and move home and I' m glad to say that life is much more content and happier.
it took a while for my family to settle. children do not like change do they?
but I felt at home straight away.

Now my step- daughter has moved out and it's surprised me how much more space we have and freedom! We do miss her very much and I am glad she is happy in her new home, but I do not miss all the driving her around and mess!!
I now work part time as a local courier. November and December were so very busy and I' m finally able to get into a routine at home, with my boys back to school and work less stressful.

My most favourite additions to our household is my chickens! I have wanted some for years and finally we have the perfect garden for them. We got them early this month

I am so fond of them and will write a whole post on them soon.

I haven't done much in the way of creating.

Just little things not really worth blogging about, like my decoupaged door number plaque.

I have lots of PhD' s (projects half done) and projects to do, but I' 've been too busy or too ill (a virus, and then flu) to get into them.
I've read lots of books though,and that has really been my excuse for neglecting my crochet and other crafts!
This weekend it has gently snowed gradually, and now there is quite a blanket out there.
my little home

our lane

love their clawprints in the snow!

They must like the snow somewhat as they will not stay in their coop in this weather,
and we have still had 6 eggs from them this weekend.
Anyway, I must love and leave you, time to finish dinner.
and snuggle in front of the fire

Have a good week
Love Em Xx
p.s the sunset photo at the beginning was taken by my husband while out fishing in October, gorgeous isn't it?!