Thursday, 25 March 2010


I think a good mug is essential to a good cup of tea.
i found the above mug (Cath Kidston) in my favourite department store, i've had my eye on it for sometime, as i get the Cath Kidston magazine sent to me. When i saw in in the shop i was amazed at huge big it is, its 450ml! that's a big cuppa! and its made of such a nice delicate china, just like a tea cup.
So i brought it, since it was the same price as it is in CK and half the price they are on Ebay!
I got to my car, as as i was unloading the pushchair, my toddler jumped out and sent the whole thing crashing to the floor and i heard the smash of my pretty mug. i was so annoyed as it was the last one of that design in the shop! Dang!
Anyway, a week later while shopping in another town, well, our nearest city, i went into the same store and found to my delight, they had loads! so i got one in that design again and after my hubby saw the size of it, he also wanted one and got the blue spotty one. They made it home! all week we have savoured each cup of tea, i carefully handwash them, save anything happens to them in the dishwasher, i always keep it up out the way of my toddler and 6 year old boys, instead of my bad habit of putting it down by the sofa on the floor.
So today, is day 5 of lovely big cuppa's. and then, this evening, while i'm sorting my laundry in another room, my toddler pushed a chair from the dining room to the kitchen, pushed it up to the worktops, climbed up on to them and as he opened the top cupboard and reached for the cereal, he kicked my lovely mug off on to the floor, and smashed the handle off it.
 BIG HUGE SIGH is what i do now, scream 'NOoooooooooooooo' and throw a tantrum is what i did, to the stunned surprised of my boys who thought  'aren't we meant to do that?' and 'Ah! that's where we get it from!!' i sent them to their room while hubby picked up the pieces.
 Ah its only a mug, i think, but it really was such a nice big mug, and i do get fond of them and i do have so many of my things broken and ruined by my adventurous, independant and mischievious boys.
So i add it to my collection of storage pots for my craft cupboard.
the mugs that aren't handleless, are chipped and/cracked.
i surpose we're all chipped and cracked (some of us more than others!) we don't always work as we're made to, but just because we're not perfect doesn't mean we can't be useful and have a purpose, even if its not the original one we had.
we can still be beautiful, despite our imperfections and broken bits.
That's my little bit of philosophy for today
Well, i haven't made any cards lately, i've been too busy with other stuff, life etc! my friend had a baby boy so i need to make her a card pretty quick, although i won't be seeing her til next week. i hope to make some this weekend. Happy Crafting to you all!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

More new cards...

Hmm, one day i'll be able to come up with a new title!! Ok so its sunday again. Its a beautiful, sunny bright, clear blue sky day here, but still very cold and chilly. just 3 degrees cel. brrrrrr!
yesterday my hubby went out on the river, and i spent all afternoon making cards, while my boys played in and out of the garden. It was the same bright, sunny conditions, and it was inspiring, that and the little package that came that morning containing my new Laura Ashley papers. the last two cards are made using some of those new papers.
I've been doing lots of browsing online recently for new craft bits. i'm quite bored with the bits i have. i use too much of the same stuff and am running out of it. I've discovered some new 'brands' that i like, but sadly some i can't get here in England yet. I love the 'nature' collection by Susan Winget for K&Co. I've always liked most of K&Co stuff, i have 2 6x6 paper pads (La Boutique & Classic K Bailey) i use them to bits! literally i save every scrap and use every bit i can! what can't be used on a card can surely be used on an ATC!! however i've run out of my favorite papers now.
I've also discovered October Afternoon, i like their Thrift Shop collection.
Also not just papers, but have been looking for new stamps, i love using the clear stamps, so much easier! i have a nice long list a wish list of all the bits and pieces i want! I just need to see if its cheaper to get it off Ebay or from crafting sites.
Anyway...I've just been watching out the kitchen window...hubby is sweeping the garden and clearing it up, and i can see my boys, trying to help but making more mess!!! my little Sam looks so cute! i may just have to wrap up and go take some photo's (after i've given him a good wipe of his ever runny rose!!)
So, here they are, first up is, also based on a Cindy Lee design (Loosely! but must give credit where due!)
i used some papers i've had for yonky doodles! i have no idea where from! same also for the next card of the same design, just some 12x12 paper i've had for several years.

On this one i used the Laura Ashley paper from the 'contempary' collection, i cut out an extra butterfly to give it a 3D effect

again Laura Ashley papers, same design as a card i did previously by Cindy Lee, but this time i stamped the little 'seal' and added some ribbon with 'Congratulations' on it. I've kept the inside of the seal blank for now, until i decide what to use the card for.
Right. that's all from me for now. i'm going in the garden! I hope all who read have had a good weekend, and are looking forward to a good week ahead. Mines pretty average, hubby's going away for the weekend next week, so hopefully will have some time in the evenings to do some more making!
Bye For Now Xx